Friday Lunch Thread


I will be having some boiled eggs and a salad I think.

Wbu? Must be more exciting than that.


It’s 11am!!!


I mean I know for gp it’s noon now



Exactly! Time to start planning.


It’s bao in the cafe downstairs which I kinda fancy. If not, I’ll get a salad.

Also quite fancy a yogurt.



You’ve made me want a fondant fancy now. Thanks.


Lunch wine at Edinburgh airport :+1:


Fancy just having some toast, might upgrade it to a toasted sandwich* if I start feeling adventurous.

*sandwich made with toast


It’s 12:25 m8


I’m popping into town at lunch, so I’ll get something while I’m there. Perhaps a pasty from the pasty shop, but definitely a doughnut from Flour Pot bakery.


Mmmmm this sounds so good.


the doughnuts are AMAZING. Possibly the best shop doughnuts I’ve ever had:


I’m drooling. Might eat some yoghurt as a treat this afternoon.


Look at the size of this apple! A lunch in itself.


Toast and leftover chili


just had some crisps (Chilli McCoys), will be having some rolls (chicken and stuffing) for actual lunch, fancy a snack of some sort (dunno yet) for this afternoon though. quite fancy a chocolate muffin?


Just bunged some cherry tomatoes and spinach in the oven to roast, will have them on a bagel with some scrambled eggs I think


Might go to M&S for some fancy crisps, maybe the cheese and celery sandwich. Not the £3.50 olives, though, they can do one


Colleague next to me eats five boiled eggs and coleslaw every morning. As part of his body building regime.


Today’s choice at the work canteen is:

  • Sweet And Sour Chicken With Noodles
  • Fish & Chips w/ Mushy/Garden Peas
  • Veggie Chickpea Bowl

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