Friday Lunch Thread

I’m running the gauntlet with a chicken sandwich, made from chicken from last Sunday’s roast dinner. I’m sure it’ll be OK, right?

What’s on the menu?

might get nachos

might get something boring idk

think I might have a toasted bagel with a couple of eggs - maybe a few cherry tomatoes. Defiantly some Cholula

Should probably have a shower and get dressed 1st though

Am a wee bit hungover so gonna go to town on accoutrements to my boring cheese sandwich - salted cazzer prof rolls, those M&S lemon curd buns, the whole shebang.

Had a banh mi

some co op xmas ham and chutney sandwich
some xmas ham and something crisp roll things
a vegan tiffin bar
a Dr P zero
About 1800 calories

I’ve been doing this thing where I have a ten minutes lunch and leave an hour early

Crisps and crunchy cause it’s Friday.

Gunna go down to the vegetarian/vegan cafe down the road and see what they’ve got today.

Looks like meat isn’t back on the menu, boys



Yeah it was shit

well? did you accept?

what the hell is going on here

There was an explosion in a Greggs

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looked like a normal lunch at first glance but just got weirder the more i looked at it

I thought they were maggots not macaroni at first glance :nauseated_face:

I had a fish finger and anabolic steroids wrap

I had soup and watched Nathan For You

A roll, beef monster much and one of these Scottish delicacies