Friday Lunch Thread

well? did you accept?

what the hell is going on here

There was an explosion in a Greggs

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looked like a normal lunch at first glance but just got weirder the more i looked at it

I thought they were maggots not macaroni at first glance :nauseated_face:

I had a fish finger and anabolic steroids wrap

I had soup and watched Nathan For You

A roll, beef monster much and one of these Scottish delicacies

Nothing looks cooked?

Pret tuna sandwich, why is it so good? Think they put butter on it as well as mayo.

Mac and cheese mugshot, pasty, s&v Burts. Levi Roots Caribbean Crush drink. Going to open some biscuits afterwards I think, digestives maybe…

  • Caramel
  • Double choc
  • Milk choc
  • Dark choc
  • Plain (funsponge option)

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Seriously that’s the least appetising photo of all time

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Excuse me.

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I can’t work out what’s happening in that photo at all.

Only just realised thats macaroni cheese on the chips, not horrendously lumpy mayo


The Banoffee digestives are objectively the best ones

And a fishcake on the top of the stack?

Hash brown I guess. Man vs. Food is a TV programme which has made the world an objectively worse place in the years since.

Gathered it’s a HB, but looks nothing like one. Would still eat that tbh.

Instantly disqualified I’m afraid due to a) we don’t stock them and b) banana is :nauseated_face: