Friday Lunch (treat yoself)

got something EXCITING for lunch?

help me decide where to get mine, these are my options

  • panini or some shit from work cafe
  • greggs
  • £7 sandwich from posh bollocks cafe
  • co-op misery deal
  • don’t care

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I had chilli sin carne. It was alright.

I am having cheese on sourdough as we speak!

Grilled of course.

that sounds good

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I will be having lunch

Salt and vinegar crips
Chorizo + cream cheese bagel

The usual.

stop holding out on us, chegg

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Well a new veggie pret opened next to my work so maybe there? It’ll be the third time this week but TBF it is absolutely banging there.

:open_mouth: do they have more than the usual veggie options?

SO much more. I’ll take some snaps and report back

blimey, this is potentially huge

:heart_eyes: Scroll down for menu

It’s my last day of uni, so I’m going to get Chinese take-away for lunch.


Egg florentine tortilla!!!

Went for posh bollocks. Thanks all.