Friday Lunch: Treat Yoself

Let’s do this properly shall we

I need food, please give me strength to last until I get some.


Already did

  • falafel wrap
  • pizza

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Considering sacking off my sensible lunch for something made out of meat and grease. Don’t think I will though

I’m brunching -apoligies for the partially eaten photo


oh fuck a cooked breakfast might be the ticket


Big bag of mini chedz will do me just fine

Got some serious beeves with the lads at Mini Cheddars, in that they’re neither cheesy nor crackery enough. Freaks my nut out to this day.

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I dunno the bag i got seems really cheesy today

Maybe they responded to ur feedback?

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never had a 'lafel wrap

sounds dry

You get some hummus and a good chilli sauce on that bad boy you’re in the clocktower of flavour town, mowing them tastebuds down.


Oh queso

Wonderful words


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Mid morning snack.
Disappointed with them to be honest, really bland.

Put 12 in your mouth at once and suck them. That’s how you extract the fire

Mum’s coming over for a visit so it’s gonna be a treat lunch you better believe.

That’s what she said?

No food in the house - had these to tide me over, quite nice

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