Friday Lunch: Treat Yoself

I’ve been prepping things for a salad later:


I have some cucumber sticks and hummus and a hardboiled egg. Ducking out on work lunch to go home and get ready to be picked up for camping.

Might buy a roll on the way home and make a cheese n cucumber roll.


You need feedin up, boy. Get a whole pizza down you.


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Peanut butter and cucumber sandwich. Already eaten

Might buy some crisps or chocolate in a bit (although I just realised I’ve got no small change, so I might have to wander out to the garage on the main road, or just go without)

Lunchtime pint

  • good idea
  • wahh

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In a lovely Cuban restaurant in that Glasgae.

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You’re on fire today Rufferz.

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Nipping out to get a load of samosa from a place in Bearwood shortly, so probably a couple of those.

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No idea when my lunch will be but when it happens it’s leftover lasagne and a tiger baguette. Maybe a snickers.

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Can’t believe we’ve had a deep fat fryer for over a year and we’ve still not made samosas.

Edit - not we me and you, obvs. Me and the TV.


Made some kind-of samosas the other week in the oven with some leftover filo pastry. Not quite the same as the real deal though, obviously.

You should have taken it to the recent bakes/cooking thread! If it’s not on DiS it doesn’t exist :wink:


Regular readers may have seen today’s choice in a previous edition of the lunch thread.


I’m having what @tilty’s having

(chips not pictured)


Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it

Not entirely sure what it is but looks lush

Massaman curry with new potatoes, pineapple and soya chunks, carrot and homemade kimchi pickle, flash steamed kale, organic short grain brown rice, organic omega seed sprinkle, grilled halloumi, chilli flakes.

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