Friday Lunch?

what should I go

  • Bagel place
  • Falafel wrap place
  • Burrito place
  • Misery lunch
  • Other

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I’m feeling cruel.

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I have got a cuppa-soup that I actually quite like but may have slight mouse damage.

I’m having a 'rito for dinner tonight.

As with every Friday, it’s fish and chips in the canteen, so I’ll be having whatever the alternative is, but with mushy peas and a couple of pickled onions.

was thinking about a burrito myself

Mice are very delicate.

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I’m eating pumpkin soup for lunch and then probably pizza later.

It’s my last day of holiday so I’m going crazy.

lindas and beans on toast

I’ve got a Ginsters peppered steak slice and a bag of BBQ Hula Hoops.

I cooked some sausages yesterday with the intent of doing some sort of pasta thing to chuck em in, but couldn’t be bothered in the end and ate the sausages for breakfast this morning.

I’m trying to improve my diet in January too.


Still ill but prempted this yesterday so bought a massive multi seed baguette and some coronation chicken sandwich filler cos I love the ruddy bloody Queen so much.

I’m going out for a burger.

I’m guessing they’re concocting a new ‘coronation…’ recipe for Charles, which is one of the reasons they’ve still not announced she’s dead

Chilli coronation carne - little cold pots of chilli to bang in some bread.

Love a chilli sandwich, me. On white bread with loads of butter.

Never tried it, reckon it’d go nice on a sub roll though.

Almost better than the main event but a bit too smelly / sloppy for public consumption.

because i’ve still got the lurgy, i’m gonna get some chips when i go to the post office. considered picking up some of those fresh soup cartons from the shop, but #newyearnewme #eatcleantraindirty

Either egg mayo or pesto and cheese for me. Probably the former.

sandwich that is