Friday Lunch


Made a double decker sandwich


Sorry, wrong third pic. It’s correct now.

It was very tasty


i’m having a bowl of sick


cheese, peanut butter and mustard???


How is that a double decker sarnie?



i had a mozzarella panini. it was fine/10


Peanut butter, cheese, mustard and mayonnaise.

You disgust me.

I had fish and chips from the canteen.

And then went to the shop and got an 8-pack of flakes for a quid (only having one now though) and a tin of cherry pepsi max for a further 25 pence.


Had to buy a belt, so Greggs:

Tuna & Cucumber sarnie
Apple danish
Dr Pepper
BONUS FOOD: Triple chocolate brownie bite things

To be honest, not bad. 7/10.


Tasty tasty sick?

I assume that’s some horrendous chicken-based soup?


Well what would you call it? It’s three pieces of bread with two separate fillings.


It is indeed a delicious covent garden chicken soup.


Yeah but there’s a slice of bread between them.


pizza from pizza express delivered to the office. hardly amazing but still so much better than domino’s etc


Ah I missed the other slice of bread. In that case it’s a triple decker sandwich.


Well you disgust me! How’d you like them apples?!

Oh now you delight me.


Well I thought about that but then I reasoned that it surely makes a normal sandwich a double-decker? I mean surely it’s fillings that count here? Or maybe it’s just a peculiarity of how we think.


Fuck yes.

Delivered by Deliveroo or someone? Or do they deliver? (I only ever picked up from them.)


Oh yeah not ‘delivered’ more ‘picked up by office grunts’ :wink:


but you eat them as one giant sandwich? you are a wrongun.


You should try it. Tastes great it turns out.