Friday lunch

For the FAO of @ericthefourth


outrageous product placement


:burrito: :burrito: :burrito:

MOD SQUAD :oncoming_police_car:

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I’d love a can of aloC right about now.

I don’t know what I want for lunch. Going for a BBQ after W, so don’t want to FU too much on L.

That said, maybe Subway.

A true success story for dental hygiene. Top work, guys.

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Cant believe i didnt get an invite!

boring cheese and pickle sandwich
boring plain kettle chips
can of boring coke

kin ell

What’s gone wrong man? You used to have some deece lunches. Too full from breakfest is it?

there’s not much around here and work cafe only has one veggie sandwich each day so i’m at their mercy. cheese and pickle turned out to be gouda and proper sliced pickles though so it’s actually not bad.

also i had two breakfasts today

Got some leftover chilli. Which would be alright but my mate has started curing/smoking his own bacon it and keeps sending me pictures of the chilli, honey and bourbon bacon he’s made. Now my chilli and rice looks like crap.

Ooft that does sound good.

it’s very gouda :laughing: :laughing: :joy: :joy:


Misery lentil soup
Misery roll
Misery apple

Tell him to remove this poor attempt at banter from the side of my name please.

My hungover brain isn’t functioning properly so I’m heading to the pub for some much needed grease!!

How are your teeth so white tho’?

3 long fish fingers, chips and baked beans.

Nom nom nom