Friday Lunch

anything doing? gonna have burrito leftovers probably.


Veg patty
Salt and vinegar Kettle Chips
Gold Bar

Probably get myself a piece of salmon off the salad counter OR not bother with the crisps and get a portion of chips to go with the patty. Not decided yet.

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quite jealous of these gold bars, gonna have to get in on some of that i think

Leftover veg chilli with lots of cheese

Probably gonna have some Finn crisp and vegan pate after I’ve finished doing this annoying task.

how’s that work then?

Really fancy a pint
Bad idea though

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Got some rolls, ham and cheese. So a cheese and ham roll then.

Also grapes and blueberries! Fun times.

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What are you doing?

ham and cheese sandwich (on hovis thick sliced granary) , with a pickle slice and a bit of mayo

going to have a coffee, might have a rice crispy square too

I ordered a Dominos, been ill all week, thought I’d treat myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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Chick peas, beans, sunflower seeds, that kind of thing. Minced up with herbs, spices, nutritional yeast etc. Comes in a can or tube from the health food shop.

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Wiring up the speakers. The previous cable got lovingly chewed by a small kitten.

(Both stereo and speakers have the kind of connectors where you either put a bare wire in and tighten a screw or use banana plugs)

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jesus! no judgement though, you go for it mate

I’ve been throwing up all week. Now that’s stopped its time to make up for lost meals :wink:

Fish, chips, mushy peas from the work canteen - a steal at £3 :grinning:

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there’s a couple of bao under there somewhere

On a site visit where the only viable option is M&S petrol station so probably my normal of sushi plus some chocolate. Exciting!

need to start eating healthier again. will start tomorrow.


cheese sandwich
rum n raisin kitkat

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