Friday lunch

What you having

Made myself a pizza at home

Spooky goings on whilst griddling them gorgettes




WFH so beans on toast with two fried eggs on top.

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Jerk chicken from the canteen. It was ok.

Looking forward to my airport Itsu tonight. The pulled pork rice bullshit thing.

ZH :sunglasses:

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had planned to go wagamamma and burst the gift card that i’ve had since christmas but c really ba. will probs just go cafe downstairs and have whatever they’ve got kicking about.

Get that bang bang cauliflower boy

BTW how do you get the crusts looking so nice? My crusts when making pizza from scratch often seems sub-par.

Leftover pasta bake from last night.

Might be tempted by something in the canteen though…

turkey sandwich and a bag of yoghurt coated cranberries for pudding. (459 calories? wtf?)

fancied samosas but the queue was too big.

nothing further to report.

pizza stone, right? bet it’s a pizza stone

Unfortunately guys, the answer is waitrose (pre made base with sauce)

That’s it. Shut this whole thing down.


That is SO disappointing. You haven’t made a pizza at all.

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Guys, I “made” my yoghurt coated cranberries. Well I opened the bag?

Agreed. Meowington sits on a throne of lies

Haven’t I?
I chopped up the stuff and carefully placed it on the pizza and I cooked it!
And I made garlic mayo

Oh right? How many eggs did you use?

No cheese and a bought base and sauce is not making your own pizza