Friday lunch


What’ve you got?

Last Friday someone was concerned about the fish and chips ratio in my picture. Hope this one eases you mind whoever it was.


chicken bahn mi
blueberry and almond cake




have you eaten most of those or did you only get like 6 chips?


gonna make eggs and spinach w/ toast


im hoping theres more buried under the fish and peas


yeah, i think i can see more under the fish.

I didn’t complain as the ratios are a massive improvement on last week, but still not really up to par. wayyyy to many mushy peas AGAIN.


Not all chips were in view, don’t worry.


Had a lovely Katsu curry rather than the usual fish and chips. Much better portion size and wonderfully tasty.


two slices of lemon too?!?!


Ok I’ll go and have a quiet word with the canteen. Let’s see what happens next Friday.


They were stuck together. She tried to separate them but couldn’t be arsed. I used one.


thank you for understanding :pray:


its not on.


That picture has reminded me that the other week in the canteen some beardo in the canteen queue directly ahead of me shoveled an absolute mountain of chips onto his plate - they were properly falling off the sides - then looked me dead in the eye and said “I hope you don’t want any chips” because HE’D TAKEN THEM ALL.

Absolute brass neck on that cunt. Utterly did me.


gonna go mega sushi time today


Think I might do Sasa for a chicken katsu bento box and some miso soup.



absolute state of this website, haven’t got any outrage left for the food


local press websites shudder