Friday Lunch

go on then, impress us!


katsu chicken downstairs today, probably get that tbh

ooof good shout, might go wasabi

Gonna have to pick something up in Edinburgh train station… so I dunno.

It’s fish and chips day in the canteen, so obviously not that.

epimer vs laelfy vs petagno

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ate my sandwiches at 9:30 :frog:


fluffy ruffs
pints o’ cream


just ate the bagel I brought from home (ham and cheese with a pickle and some spinach leaves)

might start calling you this


fucking hell!

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Not working til 5pm so chicken sausages, egg, chips and beans in a bit I reckon.

Think I’m going to grill up some vegan meatballs and throw in some mango chutney and salad in a wrap. Might be good, might be pure shite. Who knows.

Ran out of houmous though, which is disappointing.

oh my word!

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Spicy ramen W/ some fuckin’ spinach for me, will post pics x

love me some fucking ramen


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What do you call vegan meatballs? I think I’m going to start calling them notballs.

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Might go curry 'rrito.