Friday Lunch


cheap lunch ideas pls? might just go and buy a baguette and some brie tbh.


Gnocchi for me
A sandwich is always a cheap idea, although shit


I’ve got a cucumber and some cherry tomatoes


i torpedoed my chances of ever getting on the property ladder with a chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich about an hour ago. oh, and a can of root beer.


When i was a v poor student I used to get a bread roll (30p) a chunk of hard cheddar from the cheese counter (40p) and a value chocolate bar (30p) and just drink free water from the machine at the uni library. Was actually quite good


My mum made me poached eggs and beanz on sourdough.


Going noodles, cheap and delicious.


Perfect weather for a steaming hot bowl of spicy carbs.


tin of tuna and an avocado


is she up for making me some?


Garlic pickle quesadilla

maybe 2


Sainsbury’s bakery is pretty good value for money, cheese twist, cinnamon swirl, for 80p each



Those signature burgers are so good, better than gbk and five guys in my opinion




Brian Harvey Special


Aw, of course!! we are master egg poachers in my family. Anytime Eric, anytime!!


nice, mate


Aye I’m a big fan


Good drink/sandwich combo :+1: