Friday Lunch

Pret Chicken & Bacon baguette
Can o’ Coke Zero
Pret ChocBar

Was tempted to go get a burger, but I’m not walking to Hammersmith Broadway in this weather.

They’re alright but not their best effort

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Falafel wrap, £4


Sounds like an excellent lunch tbh

Got some of these puppies as welll

2 for a quid in tezbos


might look for these instead of a ruby kit-kat next time I’m in tesco for lunch now. Cheers eV.

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I went for tapas with 4 people. Then the guy took all our cards and said the last card drawn doesn’t pay.
It was his card. So then I was like nah not having that one get the waiter to pick one and then the waiter blind picked his card again
so the bill was divided by 3.

Paid £33 for some vegetables and a soda water and lime :upside_down_face:


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should have said ‘nah not having that it’s dumb as fuck i’ll pay for mine thanks’



I cba sometimes
I was happy to split it when I didn’t even drink or eat the expensive shit.

Got a £1.50 lemon sorbet from the ice cream man out of it tho

how do 4 people spend a hundred quid on tapas?

a warning cz i ate both packs :disappointed:

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Easily. £25 on booze, couple of plates at like £4 - £10

i dunno
i didn’t make it up

yeah, it should be free with a drink

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Buy at least 4 when I find them. Gotchya.

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