Friday Lunch


I know it’s early but I’m starving.


I got excited thinking it was lunch time. It is not.


hi chintzy


You have my permission to have lunch whenever you want.


I am in the mood for a burrito but will definitely spill it down myself and don’t want to go to all of my afternoon meetings with onion breath.

On the other hand, fuck it.


Got in early didn’t you! Don’t know what I’m having, might try to source one of those salted caramel doughnuts someone was talking about yesterday. Fancy a chicken tikka and mozzarella panini from the place near Greggs.


really want someone to select the cheese and onion mccoys from the machine so I can nab the superior salt and vinegar mccoys lurking just behind.


Just cracked open my crudites.




Some quinoa (how do you even spell this) bean and veggie thing I made, it doesn’t taste amazing but it’s healthy and filling. Also crisps and a Clementine tea which tastes like hot weird orange juice


Thai Pork belly


Friday school dinner



Fishfingers and chips and beans?

Good choice.


Omelette and salad. Vegetarian and don’t like beans :smile:


I did think my choice was optimistic!

And I notice you omitted mentioning the chips.

Egg and chips it is!


Jealous of you all. I forgot to bring anything and can’t get out at lunchtime so am stuck with the contents of my Emergency Drawer Of Disappointment:


I thought it was a pasty and now I am sad.


That’s a clever idea, my emergency gfood in the past has been stuff like slightly wrinkly apple that had been in my bag for days and a half eaten cereal bar


Can’t have anything too nice in an emergency drawer or you’d just eat it.