Friday Lunch

Anyone having fish n chips? I’ve got tomato soup and cold, buttered toast.

What have you got, with bonus points for pictures.

I got falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, pitta, olives, tabbouleh, pickles in the cafe at work. Dead nice.


No way to fish and chips at lunch

2 x crumpets and coffee

Made some chorizo pasta that’s p buff. Will post later in its pink Tupperware

My options are mostly leftovers but they’re all good:

Butternut squash mole
Kebabish Vegetables and a pitta
Chicken and stuffing sandwich

I haven’t decided yet.

Leftover casserole, or misery soup.

Had tinned oily fish on toast like my mum does

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Gonna have my bran flakes in a sec.

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no chocolate santa today either :frowning:

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Vegetable soup, Flame grilled steak McCoys, mince pie x 2.

I’m not eating meat and panic bought a ‘smokey ratatouille’ I do not care for ratatouille. And I ate a pre lunch pear and I’m just all over the place tbh.

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Beefy bagel. I’m hoping to go home within the hour. If I don’t I’ll focus on fluids instead

Ooh actually i just remembered the chocolate cupboard

I’m gonna go gym for a bit first but it’ll probably be a soup I picked up from coop next door

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a free! pret chicken and avocado sandwich! :smiley:

i like this sandwich

never understand people who slag off pret

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Did you get the nice face discount?

was nice. their coffee is good as far as chain places go. and I noticed theres a vegetarian pret on deansgate now. which is nice.

Never heard it ca…[abandon reply]