Friday Lunch

soup from the coop whoop whoop


a neighbour left them on their doorstep…

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the cafe next to my office are doing poached egg and smashed avo on toast that is extremely tempting, but i’m back on diet so will probably get something shit instead

I’d consider that a healthy lunch?


Alpen and a mini roll.

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Pret’s alright - some decent sandwiches and things, but always feels to me like everything’s about a quid more expensive than it should be.

Would smash

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Pics please


Free pret tuna sandwich from my neighbour who works at pret and leaves food outside his flat fir scavangers such as I.

Ideal scenario really given a pret tuna sandwich is my lunch every day I work from the office anyway.

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10/10 will eat again tomorrow.

I thought pret gave their leftover food to the homeless :s

You seem to have posted the wrong picture

I’ll bump the thread early tomorrow morning with an updated photo of my lunch.

Yeah, I don’t quite understand the set up but when he leaves it out he does mention a charity too but doesn’t go into any detail - so I think the charity who take them only take a certain amount and we get the excess. That or it’s on the day the charity closes? Or the charity don’t collect over Xmas because he’s only started doing it in the last two weeks.

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sandwich: ham, cheese and coleslaw on homemade wholemeal bread. Decent
crisps: 2 x multi-bag size packs of Hula Hoops. Unnecessary
banana: a bit brown. Still to come.

Standard lunch (sandwiches, crisps, nakd bar)

However have to spend it listening to some posh people talk about their gap yahs in Australia, which has really ruined the experience for me

oh, assumed matt was taken was joking.


Can’t believe you had fnc on a Friday and didn’t take a picture.