Friday Lunch

Whatcha having?

Almost went across to Tezzas and had fish n chips in their cafe but got another stupid training session coming up. Had some carrot and lentil soup with toast instead plus a Fry’s Chocolate Cream.

Was raining when I went out to get something so it’s a misery deal for Zeal.

Coke Zero, (£1.38)
Chicken, Bacon & Lettuce (£2.50)
Sausage Roll (£1.00)

Savings: (£1.88)

Also bought a pack of 4 bakery cookies just because.

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Sweet Potato Katsu Curry Bol

Not sure yet. I’m at Bistrot Pierre with my parents and had to come straight to the can so haven’t looked at the menu so far.

Off for a pizza. A whole pizza.


Are you telling me you’re posting from the toilet?


M&S Butternut Squash soup with some mixed grain Ryvita, followed by a Boost and a coffee.

It was OK.

I had a couple of mini pies. The lady next to me said “the heater warms them up lovely” and I followed that advice. Smart lady.


Do you not have a microwave?

She specifically said not to use the microwave cause it makes them soggy.

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1 x cheese and homemade apple and grape chutney
1 x frazzles
1 x white choc kit kat chunky
1 x satsuma
1 x salted caramel profiterole pot (treat yo’self option)

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Not been yet, as I had a bacon roll about 10am, but I’m feeling like I’m getting a new cold (SOB) so I’m going to run to temaki for hot chillily gyoza ramen and chilli and garlic edamame- my miracle cure!

Not chosen yet but I believe there will be some nduja and some blue cheese in play. Absolute winner.

Nduja :+1:
Blue cheese :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

This sounds excellent and I want some.

Can’t please em all!

Thanks for the continued support Lae

I often do.

Ordered a halloumi wrap with fries on the side. It hasn’t arrived yet.

Hope the fries are halloumi fries