Friday Lunch


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People are trying to eat here, man!

About 8 pm last night I had the unholy trinity of puking into the sink while the other end was pouring it out, and having a nosebleed at the same time. So dehydrated too. Piss this morning was the colour of lucozade.

Enjoy your lunch!

Get well soon!

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Yikes! Feel better soon xx

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Thank you! Been feeling quite chirpy since 10-ish. Nice dinner and an early night tonight.

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Better out than in!!!

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Exactly! That god I’ve got enough energy drink supplements here from all the bikewankery to feed a pro team. Replacing them salts. Flush it all out!

I’ll shit myself back down to 64kg. Cheaper than drugs.


Big bowl of ramen, dynamite after a wee night on the swally


Wow, havent we all done well. Good show!

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Oh wow where did you get that, I think I might be about to get obsessed with ramen

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Ramen dayo on Ashton lane. Also one on queen street. It’s fucking immense as are their goyzas :heart_eyes:

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probably all the fruit pastilles catching up with you

Not even had any lately… that’s probably the problem. Been on a Wine Gum binge lately, cos the big bags are only a quid over the road.

PS: Green > Red > Black > Yellow > Orange



Can’t believe you’re putting Orange at the bottom :frowning:

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Red > orange > yellow > black > green

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Spaghetti made from some weird vegetable and extra protein injected into the meatballs?

:smirk: Ran out of cucumbers

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