Friday lunch?


Got a chard and tomato frittata in the oven. Going to have some of that with a tangerine and a pack of original pom bears.





Got that to look forward to for dinner.

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Let’s not argue about the “salad on the side “

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Got half a portion of spaghetti bolognese. Is it ok to reheat spaghetti for a second time? (Cooked then reheated in a microwave then in a microwave the next day). I’m not going to die am I?


RIP @laelfy

should be fine I think.

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Microwaves kill everything, so you’ll die, but through malnutrition, not food poisoning

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Don’t think there’s any nutrition in white pasta anyway so I should be good

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Canteen had leftovers from everything else they’ve had on this week so I had some Friday bangers with onions, mushy peas, bit of butternut squash stew, and beans.


I’m gonna vom but this was INSANE
it’s an actual picnic bench omg


HOLY CRAP at first look I thought that was AN ACTUAL picnic table.
that looks incredible.


I’ve some law firm branded strawberry millions

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Came home and made guacamole and nachos with the boy.




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It was really good.