Friday luncheon thread - treat yo'self edition

What’s everyone having? Think I’m going to head up to Bombay Burrito for a paneer phall. So ruddy hungry.

I got a bit pissed last night and didn’t eat any dinner so starving. Might pop to Byron for one of those fried chicken burgers and a can of nice crisp lager.

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Ah you’ve reminded me that this burrito place does a free beer on a friday. Gonna sit in the park and get loose.

Cheese and onion quesadillas and a bag of squares

Sorely tempted to treat myself (especially as I didn’t have time for dinner last night), but I’m fat so I need to not eat much.

But think of the weight saved from a dinner-less evening steve-o. Balance yourself out with a treat-filled lunch.




Lasagne sandwiches


I’m at home so i’m going to have mushrooms and beans on toast

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Channeling my Rick Sanchez and having tofu in Szechuan sauce

Stuck at home with no lunch as the dishwasher man came really late. Was expecting him to be gone by 12 ffs. :cry:

dishwasher man: half man, half dishwasher


Always fish on a Friday here which I am allergic to so will be having a look at whatever the veggie option is in the canteen upstairs.

3 x Fish Fingers, chips & baked beans.

Great being an 8yo again for 20 minutes.


egg mayo + cress sarnie
cheese + onion kettle chips
san pelli limonata


I’d like to counter this with my own lunch of an 8 year old.

Those giblets look tasty.

Thanks. I can assure you any jeans shapage is purely fold based.