Friday luncheon thread

What you got then? Leftover pizza from NPD I guess?

Not for me, I’ve got a tin of potato and leek soup in my drawer (that’s been there for about a month now), but might well be tempted by the fish and chips in the canteen.

it’s macaroni cheese with bacon in the cafe, but i’ve had pasta for the last two days, this would make THREE DAYS in a row, is that bad?

Gonna go to a cafe across the road from my new flat in what I’m hoping will be the start of a Friday tradition. They specialise in teas but they also sell beer so if it’s good I’ll start working from there on Friday afternoons as a treat. I had breakfast there last week and it was good BUT the poached eggs tasted of vinegar

hmm dunno not got a lot in, might make cooked breakfast for lunch

I’m eating a tube of Mini Eggs while sat on my bed in my underwear. Pretty good.


Living the dream I call that.


I’m going to have a burger from the place down the road

Going to the pub. Have been chanting PUB PUB PUB PUB over and over again in my head since I decided I was going to the pub 20 minutes ago, so I guess I’m excited.

Got some left over chilli for after so going to pick up some Uncle B’s.

had a sweet potato curry and rice from the canteen - was “OK” but I feel fairly virtuous for going for that instead of the beef version

Got a Twix to eat later - pretty sure it will get eaten in the next 30 minutes

Just been to Subway. Discovered this on the underside of my sub wrapper (6 inch veggie patty):

Bit weird.

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Complain about this obviously personal insult towards you. Get free stuff!

Yeah, I mean, it has been quite an upsetting ordeal.

Make up one of those lies that involves children being upset and put it on Facebook.

The sub was for your child who once got bitten by a snake and always gets bullied about it at school and this reduced them to tears or something.

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Kale, ricotta and feta quiche with couscous and Greek salad on the side.

Coffee and simnel cake for meeee.