Friday luncheon

Linda Mac’s toasted sandwich w/mustard AND brown sauce.
Popping out for a sec to get something sweet (probably cinammon swirl), but do I get coffee or a soft drink?

  • Coffee
  • Pop

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Coffee and pastries is a heady combo.

Hey jezza, I was going to work from home today and then I remembered it was fish n chips day

FYI @profk


one of your work canteen’s worst efforts, it must be said.

i’ll leave it at that, I think.

:heart_eyes: - this is the best your fish and chips has been thus far I reckon.

I enjoyed it

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thats the main thing, mate!

Well veg one but aye. Requires getting into clothes I can outside in though.

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About to go here:
Gonna get a fish and chips
but not sure whether to get the soft shell crab burger or the Bangkok prawn burger
They sell crate Lemon Gose, so im getting that too

Mate, the state of that batter. By this I mean it looks fucking abysmal. When I say abysmal I mean STONKINGLY GOOD :yum: I am so envious.

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Close the thread lads, we’ve got a winner.

Love soft shell crab as much as Crate’s lemon gose.

there are no more burrito leftovers :scream:


Looks good, but I’d be a bit miffed with the catering staff for spaffing tartare sauce over the chips. I like to keep my condiments separate.


This made me feel a bit seedy. HAHA. Sorry. *crawls back into her cave*


unwell seedy obvs!

Haha, if you say so! :wink:

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That’s new and near where I live. Please report your findings.

Normally they dump the peas all over the chips as well but they mostly avoided them today.
It’s a fish n chip lottery every week!

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