Friday Morn 15th May 2020: Crap Injuries - The Bludgeoning

We had a thread about this on the old boards that bamos started when he accidentally knocked himself out with the hoover.

Anyway, one of the trials of the Aussie isolation (no level 4 lockdown ever happened) has been trying to get my daughter to exercise. Normally this falls to me as my wife tends to have meetings in the afternoon and usually it involves 30 mins of cajoling/threats to get F to get ready to come with me to the park. Once there we play various games with a ball and she enjoys herself hugely.

Four days back she wanted us to roll down a shallow grass slope, which was obviously exciting, not least the looking out for dog poo. Somehow as I flung myself down I managed to trap my own elbow between the ground and the lower side of rib cage and I have clearly bruised if not maybe cracked the ribs there doing this.

I am still in quite a lot of pain if I try to lean down and stuff. :frowning:

Please regale me with stories of your own crap injuries.



(I know the game, yeah, although I think when we played it at F’s party there were heavy gloves involved too.)

I have repurposed this as the Friday morning thread.

I can tell you it is really bloody hard to do this working from home malarky when my daughter is here the whole time because I cannot just sneak off and get stuck into a packet of biscuits, cakes, sweets, whatever. I need my sweets!!!


Good morning @theo! I woke up extremely early and as a result I’m extremely tired. I don’t work Fridays but as we’re extremely busy at the moment I am having to do some work today which is irking me to no end. Turns out people still need to buy groceries during global pandemics? Rude.

Exciting weekend of [checks notes…] not that much planned! It’s my housemates birthday tomorrow and she’s decided she wants to celebrate by making the rest of us breakfast burritos and bloody marys. Which is nice.

Need to cancel some Primavera holiday stuff today still and look at buying a new cooker as ours has given up.


Oh man, the depression of cancelling things :frowning: Also of having to work on your day off, gah!

Still, I was just saying earlier that a lunch time walk to join in a virtual burrito club with @ericVI is one the things I’m really looking forward to when we’re back in offices. Sounds goooood

Ah it’s not so bad really. I’m more annoyed at the hoops I’m going to have to jump through to get the refunds than I am missing the trip. One of them is a French train company which we spent so much time booking that I’m anticipating a similar experience trying to get a refund.

Ha, yeah that’s when we’ll know nature is really healing - when I see an eric with burrito selfie :slight_smile:



It’s quite early everyone. Shouldn’t you all still be in bed?

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Smart :+1:

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No I don’t want to be awake ever again :sob:


Oh no, sorry to hear about your job. Anything possible lined up at all? :frowning:

Really didn’t sleep well at all last night. About five hours sleep.
Bad knee is better though so can’t complain too much.


Have you ever built a go-kart and raced down this path? It feels like it’s made for a go-kart.


No but I might now!

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:rotating_light: EUROVISION WEEKEND :rotating_light:

so wont be your usual party but still got to make the most of it.

crap injuries, ive had a few. probably the worst is a broken thumb… from tripping up on the flattest pavement there is. which required having a pot on my arm up to my elbow :confused: seemed a bit over the top :man_shrugging:

I feel like just not turning my laptop on. No contact from anyone. Uninstall Slack, WhatsApp, Gmail on my phone, block all calls and texts.

Block my boss and colleagues on social media. See if I can get a job at a shop.

Would love to actually do that. Wouldn’t miss them or care at all.

I’m off as well and trying to do this. Although I’ve had a thumping headache for the past two days so all I wanna do is sleep :woman_facepalming:t2: