Friday Morning 2019-08-23

They’re going to let sheep graze Hampstead Heath.

Enjoy your sheep shit during picnics


Morning Theo,

I love sheep.

Today is my first ever dress down Friday. Going to agonise over what to wear for longer than I do on a night out.

Theatre tonight then a long weekend in Cardiff for Pride Cymru.


Oooh, dress down Friday? Nice.

Here in the Melbourne office they come round with free, cold beers at lunchtime on the last Friday of the month which is about the only highlight we get as it’s totally non-formal. (As a result I have a wardrobe full of all my unused shirts and suit trousers I shipped out here. Ah well.)

How’s the new job going, then (I am presuming this means you’re in the new job)?

Yo Theo.

I am in a VERY good mood today.

The sun is shining too.

Can’t stop smiling :grinning:


Had no idea that’s what it’s called, that’s amazing :grinning:


Despite being, ostensibly, the tail end of winter, it’s a pretty glorious spring-like day out there and my washing is drying well.

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Love it when the washing is drying well, such a satisfying thing, like the clothes are so happy


Morning Theo, me old mucker :smiley:

Feeling good today. It’s my last day of work before 10 days off, gonna go to t’ pub tonight and my friend’s redone my hair with a slightly new shade and it looks lush. Gonna have to add to the selfie thread later :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Morning Rarity, what are you doing with your 10 days off?

Hi! Off to the ol’ work shortly for what’ll be a fucking busy and potentially very stressful day :frowning: or it might be fine, you never know.

  • Out tonight
  • Chill time
  • Hanging out with a very cool chica
  • Definitely not binging on WoW Classic for 4 days, no sirree
  • Back to London
  • Lunch with the famalam
  • Hopefully drinks with some DiSers
  • NJPW Royal Quest tickets!
  • AEW All Out viewing party tickets!
  • Back to Bristol
  • After all that, probably unfucking my life

Morning The ogb, all,

Took me ages tobget to sleep last night but think i finally managed it around 2ish. Woken up and my face and nose are on fire, but forgot to get hay-fever tablets yesterday.

Getting my hair cut at 9:10. I quite often get it done first thing on a Friday, and when i was booking it, i couldn’t remember why i felt anxious about it. It turned out it was because I’m normally meant to be at work at that time, however today is a day off for me.

Going to come home and make fish and chips for 10:30, then get right on it. If all goes to plan today, we should be seeing Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Charli XCX! Press Club, Hayley Kiyoko, PUP! and The 1975 today, as well as some other acts, that should be good, but not as super duper exciting as that lot. Will absolutely be dancing all day.

Have a lovely day, everyone.


So very jelly that you’re seeing Charli XCX :disappointed:

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I’ve made a last minute decision to have a sneaky day off, to go to Camber Sands with the kids and dogs.

The steroids have kicked in, and I feel great.

  • Eamonn and Ruth
  • Holly and Phil

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Second time this summer :sunglasses:

Stupidly didn’t get tickets for her tour later in the year though as we had tentative holiday plans :frowning:

I think you may have a problem…

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Yeah, it sold out!


Ow wow, you are infectiously haoly this morning, it’s great :grinning:

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Off day, should do things/won’t do things. Ah well.

Feeling kind of ok, that is quite good. Though enjoying still being in bed (R is a total sleepyhead this week for some reason) and know this is wrong because it is going to make it stressful getting ready to leave on time. Ah well.

Ah well.