Friday morning 2019-09-20

Good luck! x

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Thank you! :slight_smile: x

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very few things have me burst out laughing but that did it

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“i see your mum is taking the divorce well”



is it lunchtime yet?

about to book a holibobs, i think

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i’m considering taco bell for lunch :skull:


Was supposed to have today off after working 60 hours in three states prior to today, but another fucking emergency local job. Should only be a half a day hopefully, we will see. Going to get very drunk tonight.

speaking of three states of matter, how’s the hot sauce cocktail treating you @epimer?

You know what my neighbour said to me yesterday?

“You look well, have you been away?”
“In the garden?”
“Not really”
“Oh dear, hope it’s not high blood pressure”



classic judith

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In a meeting this morning:

Colleague: “Could you pull up a copy of the CBA?”
Me *smirks* “the what?”
Colleague: “The cost benefit analysis”

DiS has ruined me.


Bloody TV in the hospital has stopped working. Now I can’t watch the rugby

Very well thank you

Can I ask a genuine question gang? What colour is the little circle that appears when you have a DM on DiS?

Green :+1:

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Really cba to do anything and I am pretty furious with myself.

Amazing! For years I’ve been seeing it as red but I have a new browser extension to aid with my colour blindness and now I’m seeing it as green! Thanks fl!


Really cost benefit analysis to do anything?

(also I hope that you either find peace or motivation :slight_smile: )

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Everything is a cost benefit analysis really, and I just don’t have the energy for it. Such a waste. Should probably give myself slack because I am still sick, but my brain feels like I, shouldn’t be able to use that excuse after two weeks, like mentally I only gave myself a sick note for so long and that is up…

That is cool, it is nice when you get accessibility features like that to help :slight_smile:

Like DiS grey mode is the absolute best for me, takes all the painfully bright white away.