Friday morning 2019-09-20

Aw, that’s brilliant!


Lord of the flies was the name of the doctor


Sky 1 got rid of Monkey World! But they did replace it with an Aussie show called Snake Boss, about an English woman and a Scottish guy who catch snakes in Brisbane. Love me some early morning animal-based programming.

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Morning team,

Couple of meetings this morn to get through.

Lo-Pan snrs 70th b’day weekend so my wee bro and his very pregnant tv are coming up from london today to surprise him. not seen ma wee bro in a ages, looking forward to that.
We’re all out for a curry tonight.

His b’day tomorrow so gleneagles for a bit of golf followed by a wee shindig back at the house.
THis wholesome weekend with the family should see me avoid my usual weekend chaos and i’m very fucking happy about that. :grinning::+1:


I feel bad. Puked loads yesterday and had a bad headache that was amplified by the puking. Still feel a bit week so I’m taking it easy today.

I have absolute faith that you’ll manage it somehow


Alright. Climate striking today. Our branch of the Ucu is trying to make our university declare a climate emergency. Fat chance, they still invest in Schlumberger, Shell and BP. Then my mate is putting on a charity disco night tonight :man_dancing:

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Morning all.

Bid the soon-to-be-Mrs-Horse farewell for the weekend as she tootles off on her hen do. Got up early to finish off making a massive caramac cheesecake for her to take with because I’m basically a saint.

Got the house to myself so it’s gonna be a Horseapalooza. Beer! Videogames! Movies! Music maker! And probably lots of cleaning and tidying! Can’t wait.

Hope you’re all well.


you know what funk man, me too. :weary:

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Hold up.
Wait a minute.
You dreamt about your parents having a threesome?

she’s a lucky lucky woman, horsey


She really is isn’t she? I didn’t even make myself one.

Hang on, why didn’t I make myself one?! 'Sake.

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Congratulations on your new niece/nephew for tomorrow!

As if you could come from a wholesome family :wink:


You mean you don’t do this on a semi-regular basis?

One of life’s greatest joys is receiving an email where part of the email was copied and pasted from elsewhere so it has a slightly different text format, making you ponder the backstory in the writing of the email.

I have an important package to receive and I need to be home to collect.


read that as ‘good news! I’d like to work from home’.

would be a pretty honest approach


I didnt witness it, thank God. I just found this guy in the bed once they woke up and went to work. Horrific.


I have an important package to receive😏


Look who’s here (snuck onto the sofa again when I was out of the room, grrr)


hey, we’re like the god damn waltons…and the borgias. :wink: