Friday Morning and Day

Not being able to sleep for some weird fucking reason on a Thursday night continues unabated. Think that’s 3 or 4 Thursdays in a row.


Nothing nothing, as usual.

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Morning senor

Just off to bed. When I awake I will do some reading and eat some coco pops, but have no plans beyond that.



33 mins til hometime!

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think I should get some night shift work.

Funky Monday :frowning:

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I am at work and soon will return home to go to work

It’s Friday!

Stay indoors


Bad nights sleep for me too

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just had a big pot of coffee, so hopefully that’ll tie me over till tonight. probs will crash around 4. :man_shrugging:

Another one for the bad sleep krew.

Got a coffee, about to hop on the bike shortly. Then work, then god knows.


Gonna start work an hour early as I’m already awake. So 4PM finish. Then :man_shrugging:

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Off today, slept ok tbh. Parenting, chores, run to the beer wanker pub to collect a beer order, cook a curry. Friday done

I’m going to the office for a few hours to do work that can’t be done remotely, I’ll be alone hopefully.
Then home for lunch if things don’t go wrong.
I’ll also be doing a beer run to a local pub, they are only opening Friday and Saturday afternoons for collection.
Make a Lemon drizzle cake
Order an Indian takeaway. The first takeaway since lockdown.
Play on the ninendo switch.

Really cba

i will be having my first since lockdown tomorrow too. want fnc but don’t even care if its not open, will have anything

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I had a really protracted, and rather unpleasant exchange with a client yesterday - spanning email, text message and telephone call. Clearly he didn’t think that it was enough, because he’s scheduled another call with me at 9:30am today. Didn’t sleep last night as a result.

Very much looking forward to BBQ, beer and Low this evening.

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Friday fun, got a load of work. Help the kids out with theirs. Play some animal crossing, hang out for the ocado delivery with my Friday wine and crisps.

As much as I generally hate it, I’ve always enjoyed walking out and driving home on a lovely sunny morning like today (especially when the roads are deserted)


:running_man: :heavy_check_mark:
:coffee: :heavy_check_mark:
:bread: :fire: :heavy_check_mark:
:computer: :sleeping:
:question: :grey_question: :question:

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