Friday Morning and Day

Hello, WFH in my new role on the phones, IT seems to be holding up.

Usually half an hour wait between calls so reading. 2nd book in a row I’ve started reading and then realised I’ve read before. Think I need one of those book accounts, goodreads?

Kurt Vonnegut - Cat’s Cradle FYI, quite short and easy going so shouldnt take too long


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


“Oh, why is c_c_b quoting me… oh”

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Buzzing for the Friday night lockdown special of bath, pizza, wine and crap TV :pray:



Morning DiS,

I’ve already had breakfast, given the cat her eye drops, done the washing up, and arranged for my old dusty PS2 to be donated to a charity for adults with learning disabilities after seeing a call out on Facebook. And at the stroke of five o clock it’ll be the weekend. Thank fuck.



washed the headlights?

(how is the cat btw?)


overdid my last shop and now i’ve got too much food and its stressing me out for some reason

Looks like 3 breakfasts is back on the menu, boys.


Ahem. Now edited.

She still has both her eyes - for now. Hopefully the eye drops will do the trick otherwise she’ll have to have an operation and we’ll be calling her cyclops rather than Nina.

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aww poor nina. cant imagine giving a cat eye drops is easy… :grimacing:

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Nobody will notice if I go back to sleep so I’m going to do that.

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It’s actually fine when she can’t actually see out of the eye you’re putting them into. And she’s a pretty docile cat at the best of times. It’s a lot easier than trying to give her pills for things as we’ve had to in the past.

Thanks x

My condition has updated to also feeling :nauseated_face:. I am a very silly person.

Morning! Day off work today, but of course I’m wide awake at 4am. Going to take the dogs for a walk with a flashlight before it rains.

morning team,

got a couple of hours work and then i’m gonna enjoy some beers in the sun. :beers: :sun_with_face:


NEVER AGAIN until next time :laughing:

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