Friday morning, and hooray

Hello, Drowned in Sound internet users! My stomach is (touch wood) much better today and I’ve benefitted greatly from like 12 hours of sleep or something. I’m listening to the new Mitski and was going to do my car tax, but I don’t have my bank card yet so I guess I’ll delay that.



Geez it is cold, minus 2

Bah humbug, my friend has only just asked me if I’m free next weekend to go to the ballet and I’m not free and I’m sad because I’d really love to go to the ballet.

Happy it’s Friday anyway :slight_smile:


Taking the mrs to Cambridge for a weekend away. Hurrah!


You can just go to the ballet when you visit me


Four day weekend once I get out of work this evening. Will hopefully spend some of that getting all my music gear back, haven’t touched my bass in two months.


Awwww yess!!! I would love that.

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Been learning bass lately, by which I mean plugging it into a soviet green muff and torching my eardrums. Very pleasing

Good Morning from sunny (but cold) Brighton!

There’s been an almighty fuckup to my plans for the evening, thanks to my other half forgetting that she’s meant to be out babysitting tonight. Good job it’s not my best mate’s birthday or anything. Oh. Hopefully I’ll still be able to squeeze one pint in early doors


I think if I’d started with that I’d never have learned any other way to play! (What bass do you have xylo?)

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Twisted my knee at footers last night. Think it might be properly fucked, can’t put any weight on it at all.

Got some people round clearing the garden today because we were so lazy over winter, friends birthday meal tonight

I got a Sterling coz didn’t want to spend the earth and for the money they’re better than most - big ol chunky active pickup and awesome neck

Got him in peach too. Feel like his name is Delgado


Ffs shouldn’t have sold that tele


ACTIVE? PUKE! Beautiful bass though and that Tele? Oooft.

This is now not the gear thread.

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Good morning @manches, good morning all!

I’m off to go for a bike somewhere a bit different for a couple of hours.

Gonna have a bath this afternoon when I get back home.

That is my plan for the day.


Hahaha the active side of it was something I never thought I’d do (never on guitar EVER obv) but on bass it’s… pretty interesting to push it sometimes

I went in to sell the tele for cash coz it was relatively rare and of course instead got something else:

Day off, woke up at 7 still obv.

Off to Manchester in a bit to get twatted in some brewery taps. Taps on!!!

Morning @manches , everyone,

feeling nice and fresh after the school run so lets see how long the positivity lasts :slight_smile:

Was very excited to build a que in bandcamp for the walk home also. Great development.

Hearing cancelled today so sat at home working it is. Got a kitten coming for the weekend at lunch though, then have two extra kids for dinner so carnage is on the cards. But…Kitten :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Take care out there folks, be excellent to each other x


Hello Friday :sun_with_face: It is freezing but sunny, and my morning is being soundtracked by Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden, so can’t complain. Going swimming this afternoon for the first time in years, quite excited for a splash around :swimming_woman:


Hanging from our tasting last night.
There were two other couples there doing tastings and they just tried 2 wines but the lady was like “you can try them all” so we did try them all. And we tried the cocktails. And the Proseccos.

DEAD (but good and v excited to get married)