Friday morning/day

Morning all, profk hope you feel better soon

Need to finish packing for the long weekend with the TV’s family then picking up the hire car and driving to meet them for lunch. The place we’re staying will only let us in from 5 but it’s only an hour and a half away so we have to kill time before that. Feel ungrateful as my in-laws are so nice but I kinda wish I wasn’t going, I’ve been so busy for the past few months and feel like I need a weekend at home, plus we’re spending next weekend with them as well.

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shouldn’t have had those beers last night ugh




I’ve got my parents-in-law coming to stay from Saturday til Wednesday - again, they’re lovely and they help lots with the girls but having anyone to stay for more than one night is hard work.

The best DiSers


Woke up thinking of reasons not to go to work because I’ve not done something I should have and have no decent reason why. And I have no dry trousers.

On my way though because my neighbour is picking Jnr up from nursery so I have until 7pm to myself after work and I’m going to go have a drink with my hot boss*

*with about 100 other people for his leaving do.

Feel shite but the Beatles / stag-do mashups have cheered me right up! Good work, everybody. Good work.


Had a wonderful day yesterday. Going to a farm to see some lambs and stuff today.


Morning, lovely DiSers :slight_smile:

I’ve got a day off today - going to go on an 8 mile walk and have a pub lunch. Then cooking for Mrs CCB later.


Well obviously, got a stag to go to.


Easy! Today is my Friday morning, got a half day isn’t it. Doing a tour of parliament where I’ll try my best to disrespect the mace, despite that being a maceable offence. After that heading to St Albans to see my m9s new gaff and then gonna go to the pub and eat some nice food.

Any pub reccos for St Albans? Never been before.

Sits with his son
In an airport (etc)

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I fucking hate
Can we please go to the pub now
You twats

reality tv show on e4. cancelled after one series.

Pissed in Stansted Airport

It’s the last proper day of my holiday today. I’m going for a haircut. It won’t be the stone cold sexy @rich-t style but it will be shorter than it currently is.

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Golden lagers,
Fill your eyes
Pills await you when you rise
Sleep adult baby
Do not cry
And I will never tell your wife


Ah fuck, that is not a nice experience with thise particular meds, I hope you get back to feeling normal soon x

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I am at the hospital (not srs, driving someone to an appointment) and the waiting room has a feedback clipboard and 69 people said they were definitely satisfied with the professional they saw

Our nice NHS


My granddad died last night. Feel like this shouldn’t be so hard as I have been preparing for it for a very long time and because he was all but lost through dementia I had already grieved somewhat. Need to try and act normal though because I have decided not to tell R, he is still struggling with my nan passing away last year.