Friday morning/ day

Feels earlier than it is.

Tell us about your plans/ activities (work or otherwise).

Try your best to be your best.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all

Got a yellow warning for fog here this morning but it’s actually another beautifully still, clear and frosty winter morning.

Got my porridge on the go and then will be taking the dog for a stroll. Need to pop out and get a few bits of shopping but will probably go around the houses to get there and make a bit of a bike ride of it.

We’ve got the mobile tip here this morning but disappointingly, I’ve got nothing to chuck in.

Good morning!

Had a terrible nights sleep for some reason.

About to head out for a walk then WFH. Got a couple of friends coming round for dinner this evening - going to make a caponata with fried fish followed by some carrot cake.


Plus side: slept from about 11 to 7 with only one disturbance

Minus side: that disturbance was a whole hour of sitting in miserable pain :disappointed:

Ah well, I guess I’m getting back to normal slowly.

Enjoying all the early morning sporting excitement in Australia.

Will go for a walk in a bit. Might even risk a very short bike ride if I’m feeling brave and Mrs F will let me.

Should probably get to work but


Morning all :wave:

Not a huge amount to report. Looks quite frosty and crisp out there so might pop for a walk after dropping Cheekster 2 to school. Day isn’t looking too bad, and I’ve got butter chicken :butter: :chicken: for dinner tonight (need to make the second marinade before I forget).

:sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 08:03 16:11 08:07:36 +2:25
London 08:00 16:19 08:18:56 +2:16
Manchester 08:17 16:18 08:00:41 +2:30
Glasgow 08:38 16:14 07:35:29 +2:50
Salcombe 08:09 16:39 08:29:45 +2:09

Congratulations to Manchester for breaching the 8 hour mark today :partying_face: That’s so Manchester!



“Coffee roulette!” again this morning. I am simply not going into the office or acknowledging this anxiety-fest they subject me to fortnightly :yum:

Very cosy bed this morning. Only chai can coax me from its warmth.

Going to continue on my hunt for a Fig sitter for next weekend if anyone fancies a mini break to Manchester…?

Big fan of all these bright misty mornings we’re having


big day! it’s supergigafast broadband installation day!! please be advised my posts may be too quick to even read after this!!!11111


Good morning, apologies for the #dreamchat but I had an interesting one, a very detailed reality TV show where people were squatting in a house, one of the contestants was from East London with a little moustache who wore a lot of purple and was 37 while another one who had a good jumper that was black with little stars on whose catchphrase was “illegal squatting is hot”. Anyway they all made their own rice (??) and painted the house which looked very run down and like what I’d imagine a victorian workhouse looked like. Don’t think I’d watch this irl


Not sure if it really comes out on the photo but there’s an eerie layer of mist hanging over the field

Was going to take the dog over there and let him have a run around off the lead but reckon we might not be seen again if we do.


Saw this building up near me last night around 5pm, it was creepy and literally just about 1 foot of floor mist just hanging there

Yeah that’s exactly what’s going on here too, never comes out on a phone camera but it’s great seeing people 6 feet ahead of you start to disappear like ghosts

My head still goes to a situation where you have a choice of coffees and one has something not nice in it

Was gonna get up early and watch the cricket but I jit got up and am watching cricket

Cracked out the mokka pot to mix it up.

Didnt have enough spread for both bagel sides so had to get some cashew cheese on it and eat like a sandwich

Dunno why I’m writing all this

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Seeing gf for the first time since pre-Xmas she gas 4 presents to open from my family and I have 0 left which is sightly annoying

I’d prefer this option

Today is the day when a local upholsterer is coming round to tell us what it would cost to make new seat covers for our old battered leather sofa. That will be interesting huh?

Hello everyone,

My bf is off today and I am not. I am jealous! Haha. So he is slumbering away in his nest and I am sat with a cup of tea trying to wake up.

Weekend plans:

  1. Seeing my lovely pal if she remembers :blush:
  2. Going to see scream (maybe with a DiSer, I’m winking at you @JaguarPirate)
  3. Having a sort and organise of some stuff.
  4. Would like to do some art this weekend. I haven’t done a thing since last summer. So that.