Friday morning for sure.

Watcha dooowin?

Woke at 6am and can’t go back to sleep as it’s coffee shop Friday treat morning. Like Christmas every Friday!

Gonna get up and go to work then do work then come home. :frowning:


I predict you meet a mysterious person dressed in beige, they will give you a treasure map.

Strangers = dangers

(Unless they post on DiS)

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Yep sorry you’re absolutely right, I often forget that with my prediction work.

Also, it would be very likely i would have my headphones in not notice the beige person was talking to me and i carry on walking right past them

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Maybe that’s a good thing after factoring in the danger thing.

Gonna go and do this now :wave:

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Good news though is that work today includes ukulele! Reading buddies! Drawing book covers!

And dinner is pizza and wine. So let’s go…let’s GO.


Another bad night’s sleep stressing over work. Great.

So I’m currently having my bathroom done up by my brother in law builder.

He wants to carry on working on Monday, I don’t really care either way and probably won’t bother watching the funeral myself. Means I’ll get the bathroom done sooner, but I’d also understand if he wanted the day off.

But my sister and dad aren’t happy he’s carrying on working and shouldn’t out of respect.

Who is right.

  • Let him work if he wants to
  • Pay a little respect

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Put our heavier duvet on the bed last night. So much better for sleeping under than the thin summer one.

Change of plan means no going in to the office today. So just 4 times this week.

morning troops, been a long week and a busy week, so i am glad for the long weekend god save the queef etc etc

going into town to pick up a new monitor for my work machine after the old one broke, and dropping my partner off in town for some meetings. then school pick up. might take the dog for a walk around pollok park at some point.


Happy Friday, although today’s Thursday for me. And I’m working Monday. So yay, one day weekend is it? Wife’s birthday today so spoiling her with coffee and cuddles today before info to work


Morning all,

Lovely and sunny outside and I can hear the birds chattering so thats been a nice wake up. Not too bad sleep. Today is some errands (pharmacy, post office) then Waterbabies and then we’re attending a surprise 40th birthday party tonight.

Had a coffee, might have some pop tarts for breakfast. Nutritious! :joy:

Happy birthday Mrs T!


Morning all!

The Child wet the bed at 5.30 her username is still TBC so we were awake earlier than expected.

I was pretty shattered anyway so today will feel like an ordeal, even though I finish at lunchtime. I need to nip to Braehead to return a book and will get some lunch.

I’m making a curry this afternoon and then playing football tonight.


Pretty glad it’s Friday and a three day weekend ahead.

Have fun folks x

2 P E’s on 3 slices of T and a cup of C.

work, gym, fish and chips, better call saul