Friday Morning ft. terrible clothes online

The gf actually owns a guinea pig one of these. I’ve no idea where it came from. It’s terrible but she loves it dearly.


Sounds like the next Frank Miller smash hit!


Scoring/stealing agendas in this one.

I get a lot (and I mean a lot) of ads on Instagram from these guys

They will print your pet’s face on basically anything

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Every now and again I go back and read that entry in The Long Box. So perfect.

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That’s more shithead Batman than shit Batman. But no one does shithead Batman quite like crazy ol’ Frank.

I still can’t believe this actually got made.

Got my friends some socks with her cats face on after he died last year


That some sort of taxidermy thing?

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Day 2 and the bench is still there. Nothing else to report, except a whinge about work.

Work is stressing me out a lot at the moment. Feel like 5 people are micromanaging me whilst my manager is on mat leave, just feels like I’m being watched and checked on constantly by people not even on my team. So conflicted working there as I love it for so many reasons but the reasons I don’t are causing me constant anxiety.

Anyway, should’ve taken that to the career thread really.

Assuming this is the general Friday thread then I shall continue

Had my wisdom teeth out on Saturday and whilst the op was fine the rest has not been great.

From day 4 onwards been in absolute agony only slightly helped by lots of painkillers.

Went to emergency dentist yesterday and I have a “dry socket” and with that an infection.

Can’t even open my mouth more than about 2cm.

Tablets wear off in the night and I’m in agony.

Been given a double dose of antibiotics for a week.

Anyone had this?

Does it end soon?

Happy friday.

Morning all. I have nothing exciting to really talk about today but happy Friday everyone :slight_smile:

Morning all.

Meh day at work today.

GF is doing a murder mystery thing on a steam train tonight, so I might start on GOT series 8.

that sounds pretty shite

gws @sickboy

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Morning. Backs gone, had to bump down the stairs on my bum this morning. Not going to work. Fun!



Got a horrible headache from the stress of moving and finishing a motion before a deadline. Thankfully I have a half day today but then have to pack and tidy everything.

It hurts to think :frowning:

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Morning j, all,

I’d very much advise against being me right now, however where you to be, you’d be in for a VERY dancy time later. My head is throbbing and my eyes are gushing some kind of thick tear juice but I have under twelve hours before I finally get to see Carly Rae Jepsen :star_struck:

Couldn't decided whether to put this in the Primavera thread or hide it here. Well, actually, I could, and I chose here

Yesterday was excellent. Drinks and tacos on the beach before Julien Baker spent 45 minutes giving me shivers. Soccer Mommy and Big Thief played their songs really well before we bumped into LBC and danced to Danny Brown. So lucky to have only had to wait 4 days to make up for being too drunk to remember Chris on Sunday, what a performer. Viva Belgrado did a better ATDi set than either of the real ones I’ve seen in the last 10 years. Sigrid’s finished songs are better than the versions she played to us last year. GBV bored @Gnometorious into losing her phone which meant we spent all of 070 Shake asking around before bars before finding it at the one place we never thought to look ourselves, Lost Property. Dirty Projectors made the guitar sound they make a lot while re regathered before bowing out after dancing our socks off to Charli XCX, who brought Chris out again on a new jam. Oh yeah and i sent 5 minutes watching both Carcass who reminded me why they never really grabbed me, way back when, and Stiff Little Fingers, who soundtrack a decent bar. Thay gnome says she’s not going to lose her phone again - that was just a practice run.

Can someone open the window, please?

The one problem with hotel over apartment is that we can’t make us own breakfast 1, can’t really face a hotel breakfast right now.

I hope Friday treats you well.


If you weren’t so sick I’d try to make a literal piece of toilet humour around ‘finishing a motion’


Fuck! Hope that clears up right away.


I believe @UnicornPorn had this once. She doesn’t speak highly of it. :grimacing:
Hope it clears up soon :crossed_fingers:

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