Friday Morning Fun Thread

Off to Naples aren’t I.

Just polished off three beers and two breakfasts at the lounge. Lovely stuff.



Hi Jordz. Lovely and sunny here. Might take the baby to the Tate Modern later.

She slept all the way through the night again, that’s twice this week. Absolutely amazing :exploding_head:

Oh. Have fun in Naples!! Just a holiday?!


Tired Stickers GIF by OO-Kun


Morning. Yawn.

So tired. Up since 5. Perfect. Watching hey duggee with the kids and sorting out breakfasts

Ha, this is an episode ripping off perfume ads. Brilliant


I’m off to my office to do my job

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  • Yay! It’s the weekend!
  • Still need to get through today first
  • Not even my weekend pal
  • Don’t like Fridays
  • Got loads of plans
  • Looking forward to doing nothing
  • Just gonna stare at a wall for a bit
  • I need a coffee
  • Suns out
  • Cold is clearing up
  • Fitter happier more productive

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On the train back up to London, after catching 9pm train home last night :yawning_face:

Still glad I got the train home rather than stayed up in a hotel though - I expect some of my colleagues will be hanging this morning and I’m just a bit jaded . Plus I got to sit with the cats, get baked and watch stranger things when I got home

Listening to the new Angel Olson. Love how George Jones it is - For the Good Times = it’s been a good year for the roses


Was supposed to take my car to the garage but the change to my routine meant that I’ve had about an hour’s sleep. Just rang them and nobody answered, ffs pick up I want to at least try to get a bit more sleep.

Really had to run for the train despite getting up with loads of time to spare. Think I’m losing my punctuality powers


Extremely tired, still buzzing from a really good meal out last night (don’t do it very often which is why I’m still so excited by it). A day of work and no evening plans except :beer: and music.

Pleased to finally have some sun but it’s tempered slightly by the fact that I’ve just found out the nearest park to us is about to be dug up for the rest of the year to lay power cables which really puts a dent in the summer lunch picnic plans.

I’m off to the funeral of the neighbour that I used to walk the dogs with. His wife wants it to be a proper celebration of life, rather than something more glum - so she’s hosting a barbecue back at their place afterwards.


Today is my… not even sure cause I’m working all weekend. Already tired. Busy day then home, nice dinner, pack, one beer, bedtime.

Morning team

Going over to see my grandma later this morning. The train station near her house has a pub in it, so might be a cheeky pint and a cob in the sunshine at lunchtime.

Going to have a little barbecue this evening. Could potentially be a bit breezy but I’m sure we’ll be fine. Need to go and get some charcoal this afternoon though.

Need to take the small, furry animal for a walk before any of the above.

This has reminded me I’m working tomorrow :weary:

Really want someone to invite me to a barbecue

:+1: tennis this evening
:+1: tickets to the test match tomorrow

:-1: knackered
:-1: loads to do

Today we play “am I shattered and hay feverish or have I picked up the 'rona”

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Morning all. Got a Sparky in to fit some lights. The lounge/dining room is almost finished :partying_face: just skirting boards next week.

Also there are 6 off in the eldest’s class with Chickenpox so that’s going to be fun next week probably.