Friday morning sponsored by 👽


Gonna go teach a 2 hour class on no sleep, wish me luck :alien:

What bounce u?



I’ve woke up. Which is a good start.

In early to do some real worl before a regional all day snooze-a-thon team meeting. Then to O’Neils for regional booze-a-thon. Will probably bail early.


O’neils are those fake Irish pubs aren’t they?


Yeah it’s been picked because it’s ‘big’

Oh and buena suerta


hello :wave:

i’m up early because the tv has an interview for a funding application this morning and i’m keeping her company while she gets ready. also means i might actually get into work before 9 today, like i’ve been meaning to do for the last fortnight!

looking forward to riding my bike this weekend :slight_smile:


Send help! I work up and can’t get back to sleep.


Monday for me today FFS. Really cba (standard). On the plus side, still rinsing this Lucy Dacus album. Hope you all have amazing days and weekends


Looking at another school this morning then displays and SCHOOL DISCO this afternoon. Going to eat sweets and skid across the floor on my knees whilst Taio Cruz booms out the speaker.

Weekend, good lot of long walks I reckon


hope you have a good day, rich :slight_smile:


Why are Aliens sponsoring this? I don’t really get that.

It’s a sunny evening and I think my daughter has a UTI which obviously fucking happens for a weekend…


Still got flu symptoms so in bed all day.

I only have some Lidl squash and no irn bru etc. Not sure how I will cope. If anyone is passing through south east london please bring fizzy drinks


Ummm, got a disciplinary this morning, do that’ll no doubt put me in a bad mood, regardless of any outcome I decide upon.


Alien looks tired



Just let em off the hook. Standard - ‘everyone pisses about, m6, just don’t let me see you doing it alright’ with a big cheesy wink at the end


It’s too sore to go back to sleep so im up for having a huge long discussion on here.


Can I work for you please m6


Of course!


Got a long train journey later. Need music. Tell me, guys.


Cool. £35k pa pls


Good job on acting like you’ve not already made up your mind :wink: