Friday morning thread (and thank fuck for that)


Just woke up. I’ve a meeting in an hour, then coffee date with my cousin and her 5 month old baby :purple_heart:

Then board meeting tonight. Oh well.

After well over a year of battling the council, we’ve finally had a place at the autism-specialist school confirmed for our son.

Think I might cry.


Sorry about the battle to get there but I hope the place means a lot less worry and stress for you now


Thank you - I just hope it will help take some of the stress out of his life. He seems delighted anyway.


Brilliant news! :grinning:

I hope it is much better for him there, and by extension for the while family.

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I just used the downstairs toilet for the first time in three months.

The brother-in-law has done a pretty good job renovating it to be fair on him. Now I just need to put up some pictures to make it less plain.


rice is pretty demonised. it has the ability to develop some mad dangerous spores, but in this climate and unless those spore exist or are triggered like a little edgelord crybaby or some shit, it’s no worse than any other food. I’d get it in the fridge soon, mind.


That’s really brilliant news Warny :grinning:

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i missed the conclusion to this saga, didn’t realise you had actually got brother in law to do it in the end

looks good :+1:

Column a, column b

Not sure I’ve ever been ill from rice no matter how long it been out or reheated or whatever but in the last few years I’ve come to the conclusion that risking it is absolutely not worth it. Food poisoning is the absolute worst, do you want the rice that much?

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Went for a run, knackered now. Wfh, so gonna have breakfast and watch the Office until 9. No tiny sausage dog today though :frowning:

I bought some new records when I was in Glasgow last weekend, looking forward to giving them a spin later.


I’ve never gotten sick from rice ever either but remember people on here claiming its EVIL so maybe i should be weary?

I’m obvs gonna eat it, like

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Well make sure you’ve got twisters or inferior ice lollies in your freezer just in case. The only cure/relief from vomiting.

Which reminds me, I’m down to one twister, must stock up.

You’ll be fine though.

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Soooooo glad it’s Friday. Got a meeting in Dundee this morning, then going to the pictures tonight to see The Day Shall Come. Hoping the weather holds off tomorrow as I wanna do some walking on the Campsie Fells. Hurry up weekend…

Yeah it’s awkward getting family involved. He’d been working for an estate agency doing repairs and renovating places.

But the EA had been really slow paying invoices so he’d been funding work out his own pocket. I found out from my sister they had to take a loan out to pay their rent last month. Apparently he’s been paid for most of it now though so hopefully things are good.

But I felt really bad about getting impatient over waiting 2 months for a quote.

I just wish my sister had asked me rather than take out a loan.

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Woke up so many times last night convinced I’d fallen asleep with the baby and smothered her. Then was wide awake at 4. And at 5. Think I’m broken.

Day off to go to the doctor about some lingering (small) health issues. Might fuck around and spend some money on some effects pedals too.

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Stick it in a bowl of rice


oh God, used to have this terror/resulting lack of sleep all the time :frowning:

It does get easier, honest!

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Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah I think it’s other stress with work and family manifesting through that more than anything. Just feel a bit mentally overloaded.

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