Friday morning thread (and thank fuck for that)

morning troops,

buggered my shoulder last weekend pretty badly so finally went to my physio yesterday. now it’s even more sore (feels like it’s been punched a hundred times on top of the original rotator pain) and been strapped up with sports tape, so i am now walking sideways like one of those cats in those youtube videos.

it’s potentially a great weekend, but we will see. best pal’s getting married on sunday at WEST.

Got some work to do, but then I’m off on my holidays tomorrow until a week on Tuesday.

This time last week I was in France, and I was distressed to see that they don’t call these pain au chocolate, but instead refer to them as Chocolatines. Why on earth are we using a French-ism that isn’t even what the French use?

Anyway, today is my Friday. Nothing exciting going on this evening because my other half is out, and I’m on full childcare duty all day tomorrow. Four year old boys like going record shopping, right?

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Tired, contact lenses don’t want to be friendly.
Went to see Richard Hawley last night and, whilst he was superb, going to bed after 11.30 on a school night is not something to be recommended at my time of life.
Fuck it though - s’Friday


Trying to fit in work around appraisal meetings to talk about the work I’m supposed to be doing but can’t because of the meetings. Blerg.

I hope you get some rest soon. You deserve it. Have you asked for help from friends/siblings? They may be happy to babysit for an evening or afternoon to give you and your partner a bit of a break.
Hugs x

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I think you live up North… Or I’d offer to cuddle the cute one for a few hours for you! :kissing_heart:

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Thanks gnomey :slightly_smiling_face: Got the TV’s parents babysitting next saturday evening so we can go out for the evening with my sister and her husband to celebrate their recent Vegas elopement (is this a word?).

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If you’re ever in Leeds…

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Please don’t. bacillus cereus

the symptoms are generally mild


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You can afford new rice. Not worth it.

  • Dog treats
  • Dutch sweets
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Anything’s a sweet if you’re brave enough.

They’re amaretti, no? I’ll have that whole bowl please.

Even if its dog biscuits.

Incorrect! They are Kruidnoten and they are meh.

going to a wedding on Sunday (don’t know many people except for a few faces from work)

any seasoned wedding guests with the old social anxiety got advice for me?

like, it feels like a weird thing to be having dread over since I won’t actually have to do anything

The Dutch-and-Flemmish-speaking-world’s Dog Snack of Choice!


So far my Russian colleague has brought profiteroles in for us and given me some Georgian vodka from her trip back home, so that’s nice. Got a fucking ocean of work to do though, and it’s my first trousers-to-work day since about April so I’m all uncomfortable.