Friday morning thread (I appear to be going to the office)

Morning all.

Some serious business paper work has me heading to the office.

Things I’ve observed
It takes much longer to get out the house when everything isn’t still in your pockets / bag from the day before.
Things like herds of school kids now appear odd.

Anyway Friiiiiiidddddaaaaaayyyy.
Plans, observations, general nonsense: fire away.



Attending my friend’s funeral this morning, virtually of course. A strange end to a bizarre year.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Today is my Saturday. Gonna have a nice bath

Today is my Monday. I’m not going to have a nice bath

Sorry for your loss, I hope you can still get what you need from the funeral even with it being remote x


Trying to not start the day miserably. Aided by R’s robot playlist throwing this one on:


Need to get a docotrs appointment. Have a phone assessment appointment for something very difficult. Possibly another rubbish appointment too. Too many.

Pizza and Low day though, so there’s that.


Morning, haven’t been in a daily thread for ages cos work’s been dead busy but today’s pretty much my last day before Christmas (got a couple of extracurricular activities next week) then I’m finished until the new year :partying_face:

Gonna have a pain au chocolat for breakfast once the oven’s warmed up (I missed the oven chat from whenever it was but I’m sure it went very well for everyone)


one more week of work to go.


it’s my Friday today, wanted some bagels before work but the local Lidl opens at 8(!!!) what kind of horseshittery

Morning, I’m supposed to have a team meeting where we sit around and talk awkwardly about what we’re doing at the weekend but I can’t face it so I’m still in bed

Hello all. Got up really early to do my regular reporting. Did it all perfectly right up to the final email to 300 odd people where I forgot to change the title from “FW: report - for review”. Couldn’t give less of a fuck.

Also took delivery of a new DAB radio to replace our old one that just stopped working. This has made Mrs F happy, which makes me happy.

Intend to dick around doing not much all morning and then go Christmas shopping this afternoon while I’m still allowed to. My third rail journey since March awaits.

Knocked a wine glass off the side. Smashed. Made the worst porridge I’ve ever made. Great start to Friday

bit early


It’s wine o’clock somewhere in the world

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Got a half day holiday today to play computer games/not lose the annual leave, so need to crack on with a load of stuff this morning.

Any minute now.

Just wanted to register my double like of this.

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mmm crunchy glass porridge


Also, I’ve listened to so many docs/podcasts recently where Stephen King says how displeased he was with Kubrick’s version of the Shining. Apparently one of the irks was Jack Nicholson plays the character far too crazy from the beginning. He was meant to descend into it :laughing:

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always annoys me does Stephen king. never happy is he!?

and then you see some of the straight to TV/VHS stuff made off the back of his books :laughing: