Friday Morning Thread with Retro Garage Rock Revival Feels

If you hate that song you probably hate life.

Or you’re just not that into this type of music, I guess.

I just had a lunch of falafel and bread and stuff and it was good.

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Oh yeah, I guess it’s AQOS answers day. I look forward to finding out how badly I did tomorrow morning.

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Wow, The Datsuns! That’s a blast from the past for sure.

All classics!


Good morning Theo,

Do you find the boards quite lonely around this time when it is just the odd insomniac and a couple of other aus/nz residents hanging around?

@PaintyCanNed I was never much of a fan of The Datsuns, but me and my brother had a runing joke where every time one of our parents asked what a song on the radio etc was, we would say it was The Datsuns. Our mum figured this out pretty quickly, our dad fell for it for well over a year. For this reason I remember them fondly.


It’s okay. I find I know a lot of insomniacs on social media!

@PaintyCanNed I only have MF from Hell by the Datsuns stored.


I actually prefer Get Free but I love this video.

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still the biggest trainweck ive ever seen live

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Yeah him along with Cat Power were always the ones I saw people saying were a dicey prospect live as to whether or not they’d be well enough to play, back in the old forum days.

well i guess the underying undiagnosed issues had a lot to do with Craig’s performances in those days

Ah really? I don’t know anything really about them apart from them having a few tunes I appreciated :frowning:

yep, interesting read is his ‘Personal Life’ section in his Wiki

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Oh fffuuuu

Saw the von bondies at glasto and the crowd werent clapping along when tge singer waa trying to get it going and goes ‘you people are wasting our fucking time’ and the crowd collectively went ‘oooOOOOOooohhh!!!’ And that’s how i remember them.


Morning. Up early coz builders started making a racket at 6:30am!!! That’s surely not on, right?

Worked a weird week so doesnt feel like a friday but i sure am glad it is. W u u 2 today?



Fucking hell storage heaters are a load of fucking bullshit aren’t they. Jfc.

I’m so happy it’s Friday guys. Not much to report really.

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This week’s been really busy but on the plus side it means I’ve got most of my work done and can watch the AQOS results come in while doing the bare minimum today

My aqos answers will be pretty bad this week, i had no fucking clue for some questions.

I promised myself last weekend I’d start going to bed earlier but i didn’t and now I’m knackered

First Monday-Friday week I’ve done in months. They are looonnng.