Friday morning thread


Hey hey. Woke up next to this little thing don’t even care that I’ve had 5 hours sleep :heartbeat::cat:!

sent a text to the number for reporting creeps on the tube cause of the guy having a little tug last night but I don’t have time for this. got some house viewings and generally horrible weekend of having to do loads of stuff but I get to see my bf and friends and probably eat something nice. please pray for me finding a flat.


Good luck! And the tube thing sounds grim :face_vomiting: I went cycling yesterday on the cycle network bit for about 3 hours and as a) I’m not fit at all and b) I haven’t been on a bike in about 4 years, my whole lower body hurts and I’ll probably be walking a bit bow legged today :dizzy_face: it was fun though and I didn’t fall off even when I nearly crashed into a policeman on a horse


Jesus, sorry to hear about the Tube dweeb, DB.

Up early again (5.30is) for some reason so also didn’t get as much sleep as I would’ve done in a perfect world. Read some Lucia Berlin with my porridge and had an accidental nap afterwards though (weird how you can go from vibrating with anxiety to being asleep without noticing the transition—due to the massive dose of porridge, I guess).

Don’t have work until 12 so probably gonna go for a rainy sea swim in a minute then find a cafe and read A People’s History of the World.



Good luck DB! I too have to flat hunt but I’m. Moving in with people I don’t really know!

Lost my job yesterday as I fucked my hand up,. so. I’m. In the process of looking for something new. Never worked in a shop though, not sure how I’ll cope!


Morning all!!

Drinking some :coffee:

Good luck with the house hunt db!! im sending a flurry of good luck pigeons in your direction! Each one will be carrying a different charm - a rabbits foot, a black cat (I feel bad for the pigeon lumped with the black cat) a four leaf clover, a horse shoe, a ladybird, a lucky penny and last but not least A RAINBOW!! Take these charms, they will guide you on your quest!

It’s my friends wedding tomorrow! Should be lovely. I’m not going to lie though… I’m feeling a bit like a giant blob at the moment and the idea of all the glamorous people at the wedding is making me feel a wee bit anxious. Need to turn the glam dial up to MAX and squeeze my blubberous body into the biggest, tightest pair of full body pants I can.

Other than that I’ve got a show this afternoon and yet more plants are meant to be arriving today. I really hope they turn up early.


one of us one of us :biking_woman:


that sucks. what did you do that you needed both hands?


Hello - my post count is way too high so i’m going to have to start condensing my posts. Gonna go to gym then got a work meeting later. After that going to sign the contract for my new flat.

Landlords are wankers arent they!

Lunch - will likely have sausages, eggs and toast

Might watch a film this afternoon, bet it will be shit. I rate it 3/10

Might have pizza and beer tonight

Weekend - mostly packing tomorrow and then working on sunday

Think that’s it. See you guys next week!


Was a lifeguard so I can’t save anyone with my hand in a splint! I have a feeling they might put me on tills the rest of the summer so here’s to hoping!




Off on holiday after work, innit. Going for what promises to be a very rainy week on the Isle of Islay with my in-laws. Lots of reading and board games, I’m sure.
Too much work to do before I leave :neutral_face:


:tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass: oophft!! Get in tae that whisky!!!


Godmorgen fra Københaven!:denmark::denmark::denmark:


Forgot me bloomin earphones


Bless you


See OP


You may as well just copy and paste this on a daily basis innit. Prolly needs more burrito though.


More like Fri yay amirite?

Tonight: pals are down with their wee 4 month old boy, he’'s to be breaking some hearst at Patty & Bun :hamburger: and :fries:

Tomorrow morning: I cycle to Brighton with a few pals to raise money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. As of right now we’re 100 sniffs away from our 1000 sniffs target which is phenomenal :biking_man:

Tomorrow evening: gonna drink all the beers and all the food and then crash out in a sweet Airbnb :beer: :burrito: :sleeping:


On our way to the seaside.

Kids doing constant Mario and Luigi impressions in the back…

In the new car, Mr S has already said he doesn’t want any sand in it :rofl::smile::sweat_smile::rofl:



Got some all time dogs visiting tomorrow. That’ll be good.

That’s it from me.