Friday morning thread


I’m off to Paris! Rock En Seine to be exact. Not a fan of the city in general but the festival should be fun. What have you lovely eggs got planned for the weekend ahead?


Going to Glasgow with all the toppest lads, obviously.

Hows jordan doing today?


Solid 8.5/10. Yourself?


The cycle MEATers are going to be furious that you’ve snubbed them for this.


A lowly 7ish atm but I’m gunna make some coffee and spicy eggs , that’ll sort me out


They are, in fact, some of the aforementioned lads


Today - computer games and childcare with some kind of veggie feast later.

Tomorrow - football followed by activities and drinks with some bunch of nerds from the internet.

Sunday - hungover/ quietly freaking out over my return to work on Monday.



I…never mind




Just dropped the TV off at the station. On the way there we drove past a bunch of cows skulking around in a side road where you never see cows skulking. 5 mins later on my way home, it had all kicked off. Hung around for a couple of mins but they weren’t mooving and not a farmer in sight so I swung round and took a massive detour.


I’m not jealous of the Glasgow lot because I too am going away with the lads this weekend.



Have a great time in Paris.

Just listened to the new Taylor Swift tune. Great start to a Friday.

Going on a bike ride tomorrow with some people I don’t even know.


Hiya bbzsss.

@rich-t has just gone to get us some breakfast, after we eat that we’re going to DRIVE to Glasgow :scream:


Oh, I’m staying in a beautiful cabin with an outdoors bath this weekend :heart_eyes:



Say “hi from AphexTwinkletoes” to Rich-T and PlasticMike from me and report back with their responses please.




On the mainland!?

have a good time :biking_man: wankers :biking_woman:


It’s my birthday today! I don’t feel 29 but the calendar doesn’t lie :sweat_smile: