Friday Morning Thread

Just seen this
and gave a snort of laughter on account of this very specific comparison. I mean I assume Aldi only charge a fiver for it so I can believe it would beat any 10 quid bottle of scotch.

Anyway, morning to you all. It is pretty chilly here in Melbourne today but after a few days of pissing rain it’s been blue skies and sunshine so I’m hoping our daughter’s sheets have dried okay from the soaking in wee they got last night.

You know how Aldi branding rips off other brands massively? Well I read somewhere that it’s because the big brands make the products for Aldi. Make u think.

Aldi is GREAT, love it.

Not much to report. I had a weird dream and am very tired. Getting our lounge skimmed today. Might see if we can pub tonight. Tomorrow = easy, Sunday = BBR big :bike: ride.


Morning Theo. My housemate recently bought some gin from one of the discount supermarkets which is supposed to have been voted the best in one of those kind of tests. It’s pretty nice in fairness.

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I’m eating/drinking a weird Naked breakfast smoothie thing. Leaving for the biggest Netrunner tournament of my year in about 45 minutes. Might pop a second valium.


Never heard it called that etc etc

Morning DiS
Ridiculously muggy here - wish it would just do a massive thunderstorm and get it done with
That said, WFH today so it will be shorts and t-shirt

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Morning epimer, knickers, bc, and NV. I’m very, very tired and I cannot be arsed with work today. Nothing new really.


Morning team! Got a day of pricing up and putting out booze today which isn’t too bad, a conversation with my boss yesterday has lead me to think I might get put in charge of ordering and sourcing booze for both sites which is exciting. It’s muggy as fuck and I’ve got a cold, which isn’t exciting. Pub after work I think.

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90% humidity in London at the moment, according to the weather forecast…


This is the worst kind of weather, it really is

Morning @Tilly
Got a question for you (ignore it if it’s too personal): where was your pic from last week’s selfie thread taken? Curious because the setting was massively familiar to me

Morning team,

Couldn’t get to sleep for a long time last night, so of course I got woken up early :sleeping:

Grouchy af, don’t know how I am going to make it through the six hours until naptime.

Morning all! Today’s all about Jimbo. We’ve kept a human alive for three years! We’ve held some presents back for this afternoon, otherwise they’d all have been open by seven. Party in the park this morning, then the most ridiculous ice cream later.


It’s there a card game equivalent of ‘break a leg’…?

If there is imagine I said it here.




Riffle a deck?

We were kept awake by drunk students in the street outside until 1am, but Jimbo’s birthday present to us was a lie in (until 6.45, which felt like pure luxury!)

Happy Birthday Jimbo! :tada::gift:

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Hope @jazzballet gets her kpop tickets today




Good sleep for a change. Things at work, meeting a friend this evening and snip snipping. Need to finish the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting at the football club too.

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Going to that Manchester tonight. Might cycle back to Sheffield tomorrow