Friday Morning Thread

Hello everyone, how are you all?

I’m on a fast train to Hong Kong and it’s the last day of my tour. Going to eat more ridiculously nice food. And maybe have some cocktails. What are you all up to? Daydreaming of the weekend?

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N.B this is NOT the banal nor evening thread


First commute to work from this place coming up. My phone says the A14 is the best route #prayforepimer

The in-laws are going to be here when I get home so I might work really, really late.

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oh shit

Hope you have a splendid day eps

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I’m walking to work but can’t decide if I need a big coat or not.

Light coat. No one needs a big coat when walking.

I’ve got an 8.30 phone meeting with the kind of guy who calls 8.30 phone meetings on a day when he’s on annual leave.

Sadly for him, my train is delayed so I’m going to have to push him back to 9am.

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Woken up with a bastard of a headache. Off work today as am going into London to meet a friend for ceviche and pisco sours. Pretty sure that’ll result in my falling asleep on the train home and ending up in Kings Lynn.

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Got to office early so went and stared at some sea


On the train to London for the 2nd time this week.
Just £540 on tickets. :rofl:


Another frustrating day at work lined up, then dinner with my mum which is always emotionally draining. Happy Friday!

How many days left?

I’m tired. Finished at 9, last night, home at 10, back in for 7, which means leaving home at 6.

Ummm, get throught the day, send off a CV and cover letter for this job thing, go to the brewery for beer after work and make a stir fry I think.


First class on the company dime I hope

So many days… End of Jan :grimacing: Agreed to stay on a bit longer to do proper handover of my work and to ease the pressure on finding the next job. Could still feasibly invoke my 60 days notice and bail earlier if the right thing comes up though!

Standard class on the company dime.

:wave: :coffee: :train2: :sandwich: :haircut_man: :bike: :desktop_computer:

Gonna go see mum and dad this weekend. They’ve put our childhood home up for sale so mum’s probably gonna get dead emotional. I reckon they’ll just move down the road anyway.

That is fucking expensive then

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I’ll leave a key under the plant pot by the front door

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