Friday morning thread



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Some lad out raking leaves at 5:45 woke me up


Last day in Antwerp. Can’t wait to go home.

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(There’s a guy raking leaves in that photo)


:frog: for me clive

Did too much work yesterday (despite all the Tory nonsense) so today will be a bit of a struggle I think.

All the seafood yesterday came back to haunt me this morning :face_vomiting:. DR was on top form however and smashed half a bottle of white wine by 10am. Getting on an overnight train tonight - our itinerary states ‘hygiene of the beds is not the staff’s top priority’ which is something to really look forward to.


Disturbed night sleep. Pre-5am wake up. Grumpy toddler. Not enough coffee. Extremely grumpy mum (< that one is me, btw).

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Although actually the first big announcement from the fan-run version of Netrunner is out later so I’ll probably work until then, then obsess over it for the rest of the day. Standard.

Need a piss, CBA to get out of bed

Friday Friday. Children in Need so in spotty skirt and bracelet combo…also wearing heels boots so going to be whining all over the place about my feet by 3.30.

Better dry my hair…

Just had one and got back in bed… Would recommend feel much more comfortable.

Though starting to need a #2

Going to take the car into the garage for new front tyres, brake discs and pads. Money I don’t have

Off work today so that we can go and watch the tennis at the O2, however I’ve just walked in the front door after a very late finish at work, so am now going to try and grab 4-5 hours sleep before heading out.

Monday morning. Cee bee eh. Going to my dad’s for dinner later though which is always good cause my mum’s away and he normally goes full on Man Vs Food when that happens.

Can someone summarise what’s happened with Brexit in three sentences please? It’s quite hard to keep up out here.

Theresa brought back a rubbish deal. Raab, McVey and a bunch of no marks resigned. Rees-Mogg and cronies have submitted letters of no confidence in the PM which might trigger a leadership election.


Bonus sentence: Theresa thinks every journalist is called George.

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