Friday! Morning! Thread!

Morning all.

No one seems to have stepped up and started the morning thread so I guess I’ll have to. Slackers.

Got the train into work this morning so I can go for a few works drinks this evening. Running late as ever I opened the middle two buttons of my shirt to hastily apply some deodorant on my way out of the house. Of course I forgot to fasten them again, giving everyone on the train a nice eyeful of hairy horse chest to start their day with. You’re welcome people of the 7.20 Barry train. Youre welcome.

How are we all today? Got anything exciting on this weekend? Unwittingly exposed yourself to a group of strangers lately?


Barry will never be the same again (more aroused).

Half day, then off to Antwerp this evening for a night out before doing a show there the night after. Going to drink some Belgian beers and rag on people from Brussels with the locals I think (I dunno, I assume that’s what people do in Antwerp).


I’m going to be driving for most of the day back to Scotland.
Also driving a girl from the wedding home cos she was booked on the tonight’s midnight Megabus from London to Glasgow. Mrs casinobay and I thought “no, we can’t let you go through that”.

12 Likes has left us a decapitated pigeon under the garden seat.

I think I’d like to go back to not being pals again.

What good samaritans!

I can imagine our response would be similar, except we’d be parked at Tebay eating chips and saying, “We probably should have offered that girl a lift…”



Overdid the beer last night. I feel dreadful

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Youngest kid came into our bed in the early hours and decided to wee in it, so that was a fun start to the day.

Working at home but need to speak to an Angry Man later which I really don’t like doing from the comfort of my dining table. It does beat doing the sardine thing on the West Coast Mainline though.

And tonight I’m having my first night out of the year, with a bunch of people I’ve not been drinking with before. I fear I’ve put too much expectation on the evening but hope it’ll be a goodun, making new friends is hard!

Happy Friday everyone


it’s raining

The bird we rescued yesterday flew up into the tree where its mum is :heart_eyes: he’s gonna be just fine.


WFH til 11, then go and pick up the kids and off to Weston-super-Mare for the weekend. Looks like the perfect weather for a seaside break.

Little else to report.

Oh, had a lovely Hampstead Heath stroll last night and then felt tres bohemian sitting outside a backstreet pub on the street and having a couple of non alco beers.


Forgot or lost my Oyster Card since tapping out last night. Booooooooooo!


so glad it’s Friday m9s


Wanna stay in bed, too noisy out there

Tired and hungover but also dont care because it’s my last day in this miserable job so no plans to be of any use to anyone today anyway. Might do SFPP tonight and go to bed at 9. Fridayyyy.


Morning Col. Horse and company

Not feeling too terrible despite less than optimum sleep. Hopefully I will manage to do something other than sleep with my off day.

Picked a couple of recipes out of Tin Can Cook to do tomorrow and am already a bit excited about the silliness of them and potential to get R to eat spinach again without him realising :laughing:

In less distant looking forwards to, SFPP and beer(s) tonight.

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Oh god same. I have been running on empty all week.

5pm beer
5:30pm fajitas
6pm bed


I’m trying to work out if “rain” is an acceptable excuse to call in sick with.

(It’s not when you have two 1-2-1 meetings today’s blerg)

How many clocks do you reckon there are in my mums house

3 bed bungalow

Things like the oven and stereo clocks don’t count

If you guessed ‘14’, congrats, you win