Friday morning thread


I think I must be the most heroic person alive as I’m up with the baby despite having a slight lurgy. I’m only going to wake the wife up and hand him over for the day after she’s had at least an hour and a half uninterrupted sleep. I won’t enjoy being brought cups of tea and plates of fruit in bed all day but someone’s got to do it.

What’s the most heroic thing you’re doing today?


Plates of fruit, as in multiple plates?



Youngest is having three friends over after school. Going to teach then all chaos tag and refuse to let then go on the PS4 if the weather’s nice. What a hero I am.

Also driving my car while it is making a horrific rattle. Hoping the bottom.doesnt fall off while I drive to Bath later…


Yeah I reckon maybe five pieces of fruit spread over two plates over the course of the day?



I’ve got a meeting later in which I’ve got to be pretty ruddy heroic. NO business, you CANNOT do that, or we will get SUED and will LOSE etc.

I’m expecting some kind of parade afterwards this afternoon. Don’t disappoint me.


I’m going to cook @japes dinner later.

Pretty heroic I reckon.


I’ve got a horrific day planned.

I’m using my September weekend to go to the beer shop and cook some kind of pie. After I’ve been out, I’ll drink the beer and play computer games.

I deserve a fucking medal.

The genuine answer to this question is that I’m planning to donate food to a local foodbank too but this is also the thing I might not do.

Good work Heroes!


probably using kitchen roll to wipe my ass. ran out of toilet roll, ain’t I


I will probably have a burrito for lunch for the second day in a row


50 minutes into a 14 hour journey taking my cat home. :kissing_cat:


Leaving work early to get my hair cut


I’m feeling pretty heroic for going into work this morning. Other than that, nothing particularly heroic springs to mind!


just successfully forced a gpupdate on my computer and I’d already opened my blind, saving the security guard a few seconds.



I have come in early so I can get all my work done so I can go for a weekend in Blackpool for my GF’s mum’s birthday weekend. As well as the obvious bottle of plonk, I’ve bought Linkee in the hope it’s a decent game.
@Epimer ?

Pretty heroic btw


About to start a full day at work. Then gonna get my eyebrows done and get the train to manc. #TRAINBEERS Most heroic thing ill try and do is not eat any of the chips at lunchtime. (Its fish and chips friday) :fries:


I now have about 30 minutes to bone up on some techy stuff before a meeting. Ive had all week to do this.



I have a training thing but forgot to print the details so all I know is it is somewhere in Goodge Street


actually, I might play tennis again today. 2 days on the spin. that’s pretty heroic, right? RIGHT?


I saved a spider in the shower


We all know the real hero in this story is going to be your toilet, tomorrow morning.