Friday Morning THREAD



it’s Friday and it’s the morning. beautiful!

sleep ok last night? maybe you’re still asleep?

what you up to today?



I got drunk last night and went to bed at 9.30. Woke up at 5.15 today. S’gonna be fun!

Might have a night in tonight and finish the first series of Friday Night Lights.


Feel pretty pish. Have to go into work, but think I might wfh/“wfh” this afternoon. We’ll see.

No plans for tonight.

Tomorrow I need to decide between driving 'er indoors to the doctor or going to a Netrunner tournament. Pretty clear which is going to win.

Sunday, option of another Netrunner tournament. Probably won’t bother. Really just need to lie in a dark room all weekend, tbqfh.


Morning bird! Slept alright I think, although generally having lots of weird and vivid dreams at the moment.

Working from home today. Probs head to Costa for a bit to get a change of scenery. Dinner this evening with friends.

Tomorrow doing one of those escape-from-a-room things for the wife’s sister’s birthday. Then family dinner to celebrate at 9pm. No doubt will need a first dinner to tide me over until that ungodly hour.


Today is a work darts tournament and quiz, so a pretty good Friday.



Need to buy Los Camp tickets in a bit. Just had some beans on toast for breakfast. Will head to ear shortly :ok_hand:


double thumbs up emoji thing for darts tourney, double thumbs down emoji thing for quiz cunt thing

quiz CUNTS!


Just finishing this cuppa then off to work, a lovely 36 mile drive. Pretty tired, but it’s Friday

That wasn’t meant to be a reply to you @Epimer btw


Not a breakfast item I’m afraid


popcorn emoji


Alright Kirstie Allsopp


#saveourNHS (from people with flatulence caused by excessive pre-8am bean consumption)


You’ve got problems of half a tin of beans causes you excessive flatulence


:cry: i know


Feel shit. Throats fucked so didn’t get much sleep. Staying in on my own tonight. Might go a curry for one


Been working way too hard this week so glad it’s Friday

Tonight - probs working late again. Hopefully will get a glass of wine at the end of it.
Tomorrow - shopping day with my bestie, Ryder cup in the eve
Sunday - not much


Just farted in bed so loudly I made my dog downstairs bark :joy::joy::joy:


YToday’s the last day of being a bum, new job starts Monday, and I’ve very much enjoyed being paid to not be at my old job for two weeks. As ever, going to do Stoptober / SoberOctober so will probably have a lazy afternoon, catch up on some emails, play a bit of Civ, drink the last few tinnies in the fridge then off to see Football Ramble live tonight. Woo. Love Fridays.


Cant decide whether to have porridge or banana on toast on breakfast. Tired. Today is my thursday :sob:


Morning. Ears ringing from Moderat last night. Fairly annoying crowd but then played Milk which happily drowned the people around us out.

Today: work shit, cinema (Hunt for the Wilderpeople), comedy (Bridget Christie), bed.

Tomorrow: home alone so might buy Xcom 2.

Sunday: Wembley for the Jags Colts game then Stars of the Lid.