Friday Morning w/Old Man Questions Thread

It’s Friday morning for you guys!

What the hell is “0-2” as a ‘thing’?

I mean I guess it’s either a score line or maybe a personal sporting stat.

@hip_young_gunslinger ? You take an interest in US sports…


If it’s supposed to be oxygen then I will be furious.

Third day in a row of waking up at around 4 and not being able to get back to sleep, so that’s good.

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Last day at work before 3 weeks off. Yasssss!

0-2 barleysugar


Hello all.

Wellington is in the sweet spot between the film festival, Beervana, and Wellington on a Plate - this essentially means that all anyone is talking about is beers and burgers. There are other dishes served at WOAP, but all anyone cares about is burgers. This is serious business - people do 20 or so burgers over the two weeks of the event.

Nine minutes until I finish work. One film tonight then five over Saturday/Sunday no doubt with the odd beer and burger thrown in.


That’s a lot of sandwiches

Googles answer might please you


Yes, I too got that and was full

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First draft Mr Brownstone lyrics needed work.


Got up early to go for a run but it’s :umbrella:. Good old Scotland.

Half day today, going to Newcastle this afternoon to see some robots :robot: Haiku Salut have taught to play music.


The rain means you CBA or it’s actually going to make it fucking grim/treacherous?

Struggling to get up here guys

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Good morning, the Premier League is back tonight and I am in a chipper mood. Have a wonderful Friday one and all x

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Morning all. Awake far too early due to very noisy :umbrella: on the windows. Going to spend half an hour fine-tuning my various fantasy football teams ready for being totally ignored from about mid-September. Today is my Monday so full of cba and ever so slight dread about the amount of booze deliveries I’ve got arriving today.

Lost 3 hours or so of work yesterday after my compute blue screened.

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Definitely the former.

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Morning team!
Got another crap day at work to get through then I’m going away for the weekend with the TV for our second wedding anniversary :slight_smile:


Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs ATT!


That’s Ms ATT to you :wink:


‘ATT’s partner’

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